Selah Therapeutic Massage - Katy ~ Samantha ~ Sara ~ Danica ~ Karen
Cash Rates
~prices effective 2/1/2013~
30 Minute Massage                $35 
60 Minute Massage                $60 
90 Minute Massage                $85
Hot Stone Massage                $80 
Reflexology                            $60  
AromaTouch                           $65
Senior and Military Discount:  $10 off

~Discounts CANNOT be combined~
Insurance co-pays vary by company and plan.  Insurance is billed at $30 per unit
(15 minutes), though the payable amount is different by company.  You will never be responsible for any unpaid portion of a bill beyond your deductible and/or co-pay.  Please call us, or email us your insurance information so we can check on your benefits.  We will need your full name, insured's name (if different), insurance ID number located on your card, your date of birth, and the insured's date of birth (if different).