Selah Therapeutic Massage - Katy ~ Samantha ~ Sara ~ Danica ~ Karen
30 Minute Massage:  Great quick relief for small areas like neck and shoulders or feet.
60 Minute Massage:  Full body relaxation or concentrated work on upper or lower body.
90 Minute Massage:  Ultimate full body relaxation with plenty of concentrated work where it is needed.
Swedish Massage is the most common type, also referred to as Relaxation Massage. This is a lighter massage and is, as its name implies, meant for relaxing muscle tissue as well as improving circulation and joint mobility.
Deep Tissue Massage is similar to Swedish massage, but goes deeper in to the tissue. This is generally a more therapeutic massage used on clients with sore muscles due to accident, injury, or overuse.  This kind of massage often combines different modalities to achieve the desired healing result.
Pregnancy Massage can incorporate Swedish and Deep Tissue tecniques, but the client is either on our "Prego Pillow", or side lying and supported with plenty of pillows for her comfort. Massage is very beneficial during pregnancy to maintain muscle fitness, circulation, and of course relaxation. Pregnancy is a very taxing time on mothers body, and massage is a great way to keep everything in good working order.
Hot stone massage is a 75 minute appointment.  The deep penetrating heat helps stimulate circulation and aid in relaxation and deep muscle therapy.
Reflexology is applied pressure to the feet with the goal of improving health in all body systems.  It is a 60 minute appointment. 
 Aroma Touch Technique is a clinical approach to stratigically applying essential oils to the body.  It improves well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy autonomic function.  It is a 60 minute application consisting of four steps:  Stress Management, Immune Support, Inflammatory Response, and Homeostasis. 
Moist heat, flax packs, ice, and aromatherapy offered at no extra charge!